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+ Kabuki #4
+ Bomb the Suburbs - William Upski Wimsatt
+ Perfume by Patrick Süskind
+ The Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem
+ A Feast for Crows - Georger R.R. Martin
+ hulk : planet hulk
+ Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud
+ The Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon
+ The Patron Saints - T.M. Wells
+ brilliance of the moon: tales of the otori, book 3 by lian hearn
- Dance with Dragons - George RR Martin - 01/09/12
took me a lot longer than i hoped to finish, but i had a hard time getting into it. but once things start rolling (about a third of the way through) i couldnt put it down. lots of stuff with most of my fav characters. some i have been waiting ages to hear from again.

the ending coulda used some more umph like the earlier books but still pretty great.

his writing is getting to me though. if he quit writing about all the food, drink and histories of inconsequential characters, the book would be a third of the size. esp the food.

+ life of pi - yann martel
+ love is a mixtape - rob sheffield
+ spider-man : back in black -straczynski, david, garney, nauck
+ Level Up - Thien Pham & Gene Luen Yang
+ Element Magazine - #69
+ The Authoritative Calvin & Hobbes
+ tag & bink are dead : 4, 5, 6 & 1
+ Tag & Bink are Dead - dark horse comics
+ scott pilgrim's precious little life - bryan lee o'malley
+ Art & Fear by Bayles & Orland
+ juxtapoz - #78
+ Fader #28
+ Fader - 32
+ Fader #26
+ star wars: x-wing rogue squadron - michael a. stackpole
+ Designing Without Tables - Dan Shafer
+ Battlestar Galactica - #0
+ Fader #42
+ trace magazine
+ The Fantastic Four : Disassembled
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